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Keep Leesville Beautiful
Trash Buster visits Vernon Middle School

Working Together to Keep Leesville Clean and Beautiful


The mission of Keep Leesville Beautiful is to educate the public about the importance of showing pride and not litter.  Keep Leesville Beautiful has been an affiliate of the Keep America Beautiful program since 2002.  The Keep Leesville Beautiful Committee, under the City of Leesville, partners with local government, civic organizations, churches and scools to conduct cleanup and beautification projects throughout the year. 

Did you know?

  • Each person throws away 4 pounds of garbage a day. Americans throw away 160 million tons of trash per year.
  • It costs the State of Louisiana $15 million per year to remove litter from the roadsides
  • A cigarette butt takes 30 years to decompose
  • A plastic bag takes 10-20 years to decompose
  • A styrofoam cup takes 50 years to decompose
  • An aluminum can takes 200-500 years to decompose

Impact of Litter

  • Compromises the quality of life, reduces pride
  • Inhibits economic development
  • Contributes to crime
  • Reduces property values
  • Discourages tourism
  • Costs money
  • Attracts disreputable businesses
  • Attracts uncaring property owners
  • Initiates the decline of a neighborhood


Mayor's Youth Council performs "Wartville Wizard" play
Sources of Litter

Household garbage
Commercial dumpsters
Loading docks
Construction sites
Uncovered trucks
Illegal signs

Ways to Combat Litter

Keep your yard litter free
Provide waste containers
Carry a litter bag in your car
Hold cleanups on your block
Teach your children not to litter
Report litterers by calling 1-888-LITRBUG (888-584-7284)

Keep Leesville Beautiful Projects

Waste-In-Place Teacher Workshops
"Wartville Wizard" Play
Spring & Fall Trash Bash
Trash Can Band/Clean Sweep Kids
Liberty Garden
Litter Survey
Windshield Survey/Neighborhood Spotters
Recycling of ink cartridges, aluminum cans, cell phones
Caught Being Clean Program
"Cans For Cash" City Recycling Challenge

Committee Members:

Howard Coy
Sandra Craft
James Wesley
Rev. Maurice Johnson
Gloria Owen
DeLain Prewitt
Parthenia S. Douglas-Beal
Tony Tillman, Chair

Recipient of the following awards:

Keep America Beautiful President's Circle Award 2007
Keep America Beautiful President's Circle Award 2005
Keep America Beautiful Litter Prevention Award 2005
Keep Louisiana Beautiful Litter Prevention Award 2005

City of Leesville
101 W. Lee St.
Leesville, LA  71446
Phone:  (337) 239-2444
Fax:  (337) 238-0464

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